Issue Date:August 04, 2020

CSR Committee

To implement corporate social responsibility (CSR), we established the CSR Committee in 2008. The committee is chaired by the CEO of Coretronic, with presidents and  the chief financial officer (CFO) as members and the spokesperson as the management representative. The CSR Committee also authorizes the executive representative of economic, social, and environmental departments to assist with CSR promotion. Members of Committee and executive representatives hold a committee meeting every quarter to audit and review the status and outcomes of CSR implementation. Currently, the CSR Committee is an independently operated unit and will continue to discuss and improve connections with BOD.


The Operation of CSR Committee

  • Members of committee and executive representatives review the status and results of CSR projects based on quarterly reports.
  • The management representative quarterly reports the implementation of the CSR annual plan to the chairman, members of committee and executive representatives to review the status and results of CSR projects. In addition, the management representative presents CSR performance as well as strategies and plans in the coming year in the annual group meeting.
  • CFO, member of Committee & executive representative, presents a Report on the Status CSR and Business Integrity Performance to members of the Board of Directors (BOD) at a board meeting every year. Report contents include the outcomes of CSR project implementation in last year and the first half of this year.
  • The annual CSR report is prepared by CSR team, and revised by the management representative, members of committee and executive representatives. Finally, it is submitted to the CEO for final approval.

The Members and Structure of CSR Committee



Management Representative


Member of Committee

Presidents and CFO

Executive Representative

Vice Presidents of Integrated Business Service Center and CFO

CSR Report Approver



CSR Strategy

Coretronic is the lighthouse of the hopes. Based on glorious performance, we light up the society and green the environment, so as to wish everyone a sustainable and bright future.
Based on the core competence, SDGs, international CSR issues, social requirements, and stakeholders’ concerns, our CSR Committee, Environmental Protection Committee, Firefly Volunteer Team, and other related units plan and implement CSR projects and ESG strategies together, as well as build the strong and sustainable sharing partnerships between corporation and society with stakeholders.

CSR Milestone

CSR1.0 Charity 2008~2010
  • Published CSR Report since 2008.
  • Established the CSR Committee in 2008.
  • Execute numerous charitable activities.
  • Comply with the labor, environmental protection, and governance regulations.
CSR2.0 Core Competence 2011~2014
  • Established the Coretronic Culture and Arts Foundation (CCAF) in 2010 and developed a series of "Light Sense Light-City Projects" based on the theme: Light Up Taiwan Culture.  
  • BOD passed the Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles in 2014. 
  • Established the Environmental Protection Committee in 2014 to actively promote energy conservation and carbon reduction strategies. 
  • Participate in indicative CSR awards.
  • Make society better with optics core expertise. 
CSR3.0 Integration 2015-2017
  • Reorganize the CSR Committee.
  • Actively participate in and won numerous CSR and sustainability related awards.
  • Actively plan annual CSR strategies and activities.
  • Obtain AA1000AS Type 1, Medium Level Assurance to improve the completeness and reliability of information disclosed in the CSR report.
  • Promote CSR from inside out (form the Firefly Volunteer Team, employees voluntarily and personally participate in charitable activities, actively participate in external forums and seminars). 
  • Ally with global partners (local communities, NGOs, and social enterprises) to promote more long-lasting CSR-related activities with broader influence. 
CSR4.0 Enhancement 2018~
  • Established the Risk Management Team in 2018.
  • Set up the comprehensive regulations of volunteers.
  • Encourage more employees to plan and participate CSR plans.
  • Promote CSR projects and plans with customers, suppliers, social enterprise and NGOs.
  • Obtain AA1000AS Type 2, High Level Assurance to enhance the completeness and reliability of information disclosed in the CSR report.
  • Use various and interactive communication mechanism to promote the performances of CSR
  • Create digital CSR reports to strengthen the connection with stakeholders.
to be continued

CSR Commitment

Coretronic is the lighthouse of the hopes. Based on glorious performance, we light up the society and green the environment, so as to wish everyone a sustainable and bright future. Based on the three main CSR categories: E-environmental protection, S-social participation, and G-economic/governance, we establish targets for routine operations, follow up performance periodically, and make continual improvement in order to achieve the goal of sustainable enterprise development and fulfill our environmental and social responsibilities. We are committed to:

  1. Corporate Ethics and Legal Operation 
  2. Compliance with Requirements of the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct  (RBA) and Related International Norms 
  3. Energy Savings and Environmental Protection
  4. Green products, design, manufacture and supply chain. 
  5. Comprehensive Management of Occupational Safety and Health  
  6. Friendly and Happy Workplace
  7. Long-term Social Contribution