Issue Date:August 06, 2020

Employees are the crucial drive for the continuous innovation and sustainable development of the Company. Thus, it is our responsibility to provide a safe work environment for the employee. Our goal of a safe work environment management is to “create a safe and healthy workplace” with “zero occupational disaster” and we expect the employees and workers of Coretronic can work in a health and safe environment.

ESH System

We fully institutionalized the environmental safety and health regulations for the compliance of the employees and workers. Also, we established safety and health policies to regularly review the safety and health performance, strengthen the education and training of personnel, implement risk management, and on-site audit on a regular basis to ensure the safety of the work environment.

In addition to the implementation of related domestic laws and introduction of the hazard prevention measures and relevant management regulations, the plants in Taiwan commissioned SGS conduct the audit for the certificate of the occupational safety and health management system (CNS 15506 and OHSAS 18001) in 2019. The pass rate of the certificate reached 100%. The total cases of non-compliance in the plants were 19 cases in 2019, presenting a significant decrease by 32% compared to 2018. In the future, to enhance the control of the safety and health risk and improve the performance, we plan to complete the ISO 45001:2018 certification before 2020 to ensure the safety and health of the overall employees and stakeholders.

ESH Committee

Every quarter, we hold the OHS Committee meeting. With labor representatives taking a minimum of one third of the seats of the committee in each plant, the committee is responsible for reviewing OHS affairs and promote the annual OHS objectives:

  • Continuous promotion of a safe work environment and the prevention of occupational accidents.
  • Continuous promotion of energy conservation, emission reduction and industrial waste reduction in all plants.
  • Arrange periodic education/training activities to raise OHS awareness of employees.
  • Continuous promotion of environmental safety audits.
  • Manage, review and ensure the effective operations of EMS and OHSMS.
Corporation /
Operating Location
Number of Labor Representatives Total Committee Members Proportion of Labor Representatives
Hsinchu Headquarter
5 12 42%
Chunan Office
12 20 60%
Tainan Branch Office
10 22 45%
Champ Vision Display 4 10 40%

ESH Education and Training

Content 2017 2018 2019
Newcomer ESH education and training (person) 379 539 66
Fire/civil defense regiment training (person) 525 1,447 324
Contractor in-house training (person) 729 637 956
Total number of persons 1,633 2,775 1,346
Total number of man-hours 6,970 7,629 3,422

Disaster Response Training

To implement the disaster prevention concept of the employee and improve the crisis awareness and emergency response capability of the personnel in the emergency response team, besides the regular review of the emergency response plan, we cooperated with the fire department to regularly hold fire prevention drills in the plant area. The Headquarters held a emergency response and evacuation drill in 2019 participated by the emergency response team members, employees, guests, visitors and field suppliers to enhance the emergency response capability of the external and internal personnel in the plant. We aim to effectively control the conditions in case of disaster to avoid personnel injury and damage to the Company’s property. There were a total of 1,482 participants in the disaster response drills in 2019.


Occupational Accident Management

  • To effectively prevent occupational disasters, we implemented the personnel education and training, work environment tour inspection and internal/external audits to inspect the environment, safety and health operations of the Company and ensure the safety of the working environment for our employees.
  • With the establishment of the occupational disaster prevention plan, we adopted the enhancement of the work environment and mechanical equipment safety as the target of the tour inspection and complied with the management regulations for accident and practically carried through the investigation, analysis and improvement of the notification system. In 2019, we conducted 23 6S tour inspections in the plants, discovering 136 items suggested for improvement. All of the items have been improved with a 100% of improvement completion rate. After the analysis and review, the deficiency of human factors accounted for 97.22% and the top three deficiency types were: abnormal fire-fighting equipment and exits (25%), automatic inspection was not executed (19.44%) and the damage of machinery equipment and usage of faulty machine or equipment (16.67%, respectively).
  • According to the operations of the environment, safety, and the health regulations and management system, Coretronic’s plants in Taiwan regularly review public injury accidents every six months and there were 4 public injury accidents (not including traffic accidents) in 2019, including the fracture of a cheekbone due fainting after the personnel participated in the blood donation, a cut wound on the finger due to the moving of equipment, and a falling accident caused by a damaged office chair and tripping over. The Company immediately conducted the health risk management for the personnel and improved the working environment to eliminate the unsafe working environment, reduce the health risks, and preventing similar accident from happening again.
2019 Occupational Injury Rate Employed worker4 Non-employed worker5
Death Rate Due to the Occupational Injury1 0 0
Serious Occupational Injury Rate2 1.09 0
Documentable Occupational Injury Rate3 1.09 0
1.The death rate due to the occupational injuries = the number of deaths due to the occupational injuries/working hours × 1,000,000
2. Serious occupational injury rate (excluding the number of deaths) = the number of serious occupational injuries (excluding the number of deaths)/working hours × 1,000,000
3. Documentable occupational injury rate = documentable occupational injuries/working hours × 1,000,000
4. The empolyees of Coretronic and Champ Vision Display in Taiwan.
5. The workers working in the area of Coretronic and Champ Vision Display in Taiwan.

Contractor Management

In addition to employees, contractors are also our important partners. To ensure the health and safety of partners, maintain equipment safety, and effectively carry out our health and safety commitment, we have established explicit contractor ESH management principles to prevent occupational accidents. Since 2015, no in-house accident caused by contractors has been reported.