Setting trends through innovative technology, secure operations through focus on core business

Coretronic Corporation was established in the Hsinchu Science Park on June 30, 1992. Since the very beginning, it has positioned itself as an innovative display solution provider. Coretronic is the first LCD backlight module manufacturer in Taiwan and it has taken the lead in developing and mass-producing the smallest and lightest VGA single-panel LCD projectors and XGA DLP projectors in the world through integrated its leading technology, “Optics, Mechanics, Electronic, Thermal Management, Materials and Precision Molds" and other technology. This advancement has opened up a new era for display systems in Taiwan.


Coretronic conducts its R&D and innovative efforts with the business philosophy of maintaining secure operations by focusing on its core business. It controls its key patents and core technology via a business strategy of vertical integration. This has made Coretronic the leader in advanced LCD, digital projector and LCD backlight technology in Taiwan and also one of the top manufacturers in the R&D of these products worldwide.

Vertical integration of the Coretronic Group leading to a cross-field business scale

With the establishment of a production base for FPD-related products in Kunshan in 2000, Coretronic began planning to make extensive production arrangements in Mainland China. A LCD backlight module plant was built in Suzhou in 2002, and in 2005, a plant for manufacturing projectors and optical devices was constructed in Kunshan. Subsequently, production bases for LCD backlight modules and optical devices were established in Ningbo, Guangzhou and Wujiang. Coretronic not only actively pursues a strategy of vertical integration, but it also strives constantly to enhance its enterprise resource systems and supply chain management. This enables it to further improve its business performance as well as to increase the quality of our customer service.


Coretronic's has been working tirelessly towards increasing its competitive advantage in product innovation and development and process technology. Its business scale has been constantly expanding in recent years. In addition to digital projectors and backlight modules, its innovative technology has been applied to medical monitors and touch-screen products, and it has also been used to assist in imaging system integration services and product development. With the expansion of its core technological capacity, the Group has been revitalized.

Building consensus through teamwork, positive innovation for sustainable operation and pursuing the ultimate interest

In order to pursuit higher profit and value targets, Coretronic will correspond to the needs of Flat Panel industrial technology development and continues cooperate with brand customers in the ODM and Solutions business, to provide components, sub-system and system solutions products for various applications together with one-stop manufacturing and global after-sales services.


Coretronic will also integrate its leading technology, “Optics, Mechanics, Electronic, Thermal Management and Cloud Service”, to address market requirements to provide customer total solutions for various market segments (home entertainment, education, corporate, Digital signage and gaming) in visual solutions products. At the same time, Coretronic will accelerate the PID, Cloud-Based Big Data analysis, Intelligent Interaction and other intelligent service program platform development, to expand the growth momentum, drive visual solutions business continue to grow in the future.




Position Name Highest Education & Other Significant Position
Chairman Mr. Wade Chang
  • Master of NTU-Fudan EMBA , National Taiwan University
  • Chairman, Coretronic Corporation
President Ms. Sarah Lin
  • Bachelor in International Business of National Chengchi University
  • President, Young Lighting Technology, Inc.
President Ms. Ann Wu
  • MBA of Fu Jen Catholic University
  • CSO, Coretronic Corporation
CFO Mr. Franck Ho
  • MBA of Baruch College/City University of New York
  • Vice President, Coretronic Corporation
CTO Mr. Robert Hsueh
  • Master in Electronic Engineering of Chung Yuan Christian University
  • Vice President, Coretronic Corporation
CSO Mr. Wilson Hsu
  • EMBA of National Cheng Chi University
  • Vice President, Coretronic Corporation
Executive Vice President Ms. Sara Lin
  • MBA of Johnson & Wales University
  • Associate Vice President, Young Lighting Technology, Inc.
Vice President Mr. Ken Wang
  • Master in Electronic and Computer Engineering of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  • Chairman, Nano Precision Taiwan Limited
Vice President Ms. Miranda Wang
  • Bachelor in Business Administration Department of National Cheng Kung University
  • Vice President, Optoma Corporation
Vice President Mr. Mark Yang
  • Master in Industrial Design of Tatung University
  • Associate Vice President, Coretronic Corporation
Vice President Mr. Willy Tsai
  • Bachelor in Power Mechanical Engineering Department of National Tsing Hua University
  • Associate Vice President, Coretronic Corporation
Associate Vice President Ms. Evan Yeh
  • Master in Management of Technology of NYCU University,
  • Associate Vice President, Coretronic Corporation
Senior Director Mr. Daniel Hsiao
  • Master in Mechanical Engineering of National Taiwan University
  • Senior Director, Coretronic Corporation