Issue Date:July 09, 2020

Brighten the Future

To realize the belief: Grow the seed of love from the land belongs to us, we have been engage in social charity over time and pay back society with employees through different types of charitable activities, such as Light Wishes for the Rurals, Light Pioneer, Farm the Hopes, and other sponsor projects. We also endeavor to extend such philanthropy to more vulnerable groups in need of help, for them to feel endless love and warmth.


Firefly Volunteer Team

In order to promote CSR in Coretronic, the CSR Committee formed the "Firefly Volunteer Team" in 2011, and expanded in 2015 . With lots of employees coming from different departments and professional fields, this team is able to execute various CSR projects and activities, so as to get familiar with the company they work for, and uplift their commitments to Coretronic.

If you want to join the Firefly Volunteer Team, please mail to, or dial ext.1500 to contact Cat.

03-5772000 #1500
+886-3-5772000 #1500

Social Contribution from 2011 to 2019


Let's Sense Light Taipei, Donation

New Taipei City2012-2019

Let's Sense Light Tamsui, Donation

Hsinchu City/ County2011-2019

Let's Sense Light Hsinchu, Donation, Education

Miaoli County2011-2019

Donation, Education

Taichung City/ County2015


Changhua County2014


Yunlin County2018


Chiayi County2009-2019

Sponsor, Let's Sense Light Chiayi,

Tainan City2012-2019

Let's Sense Light Tainan, Donation

Kaohsiung City/ County2008, 2019

Scholarship, Donation

Pingtung County2014-2019

Let's Sense Light Hengchun

Taitung County2013, 2017-2019

Let's Sense Light Taitung

Social Contribution from 2011 to 2019

DonatedNTD 119 million
1,394 volunteers
8,233 hours
volunteers services
21,609 persons
got benefits
12,193 children
got benefits
122 NGOs
got benefits
Digital Classrooms
Tech Camps