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Fulfill Kids' Dreams on Children's Day in 2018

Children's Day, a festival full of expectations from children, a day to fulfill dreams from children. Since 2015, Coretronic started to throw the charitable activity-"Fulfill Kids' Dreams on Children's Day" and invite employees to donate. After several visits, we found numerous schools which aren't listed in rural schools by the Ministry of Education are easy to be ignored. Therefore, in 2017, World Peace Organization and Child Welfare League Foundation listed the schools in need by means of their daily interviews and on-site visits. In the end, Coretronic's Firefly Volunteer Team gave useful stationery and nutrition to 329 students from Miaoli County Tan Wen Elementary School, Long Sheng Elementary School, Xing Long kindergarten and Elementary School, Wen Feng Elementary School, Nan He Elementary School, Shi Hu kindergarten Elementary School, and Rui Hu Elementary School in person.