Issue Date:August 3, 2023

Environmental Protection Committee

  • Established in 2015, the Environment Protection Committee is responsible for the environmental risk control and the establishment of clear ESH policies and short-, mid-, and long-term objectives meeting the concept of corporate sustainable operations.
  • The head of Business Resource Center is the chairman of the committee, and holds a committee meeting every quarter (subject to the schedule of organizational budget planning) and provisional meetings where necessary to discuss and review the promotion and implementation of energy conservation, carbon reduction, and environmental protection.

The Members and Structure of the Committee


the Head of Business Resource Center

To amass committee members, host committee meetings, and supervise normal committee operation.

Management Representative

the Management Representative of ISO 14001

To implement committee resolutions and review and gather the effectiveness of implementation.

Executive Secretary

Environmental Safety Division

To convene committee meetings, draw up energy conservation and carbon reduction programs, follow up the effectiveness of committee resolutions, manage committee meeting minutes and committee documents, and other tasks relating to committee operation.

Members of Committee

the Head or Representative of R&D, Manufacture, Product, QC, HR, IT, ER, Procurement, and Factory Affairs

Plan, promote, and executive all the issues and activities related to environmental protection in the organization.


Strategies for Climate-Related Risks

  • By the analysis result of the material issues in 2022, we identified 6 concerned issues related to the environment. The priority of concerns from high to low are Climate Change, Green Solutions, Waste Management, Supplier Environmental Assessment, Materials, and Water Resource Management.
  • We implemented four new environment sustainability strategies, “Green Product,” “Green Production,” “Green Value Chain,” and “Green Life” to implement sustainable environment measures. Moreover, we actively promote carbon reduction projects and increase the utilization of renewable energy, while respond to domestic and international climate initiatives through concrete actions. For further information, please visit Act on Climate Change.
  • We have been the TCFD supporter, established TCFD Group, introduced TCFD structure and identified climate-related risks and opportunities to evaluate and manage relevant climate-related risks and opportunities. For further information, please visit Act on Climate Change.
  • We actively participate in Taiwan Climate Partnership (TCP) ,Taiwan Alliance for Net Zero Emissions (TANZE), and CDP. We received Management level (B) rating in Climate Change Evaluation, Management level (B) rating in Water Security Evaluation, and Leadership level (A-) rating in Supplier Engagement Rating.
  • We set the carbon reduction target based on SBT 1.5°C scenario. In 2022, we officially proposed Net Zero Statement and aim to reduce GHG emissions (Category 1 and 2) by 25% by 2025, 50% by 2032, and reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Meanwhile, we have also submitted our carbon reduction commitment to SBTi and received approval.