Issue Date:July 10, 2020

To Coretronic, employees have always been our most important corporate asset. Therefore, we spare no effort to invest in resources to achieve things beneficial to employees. Through a series of leisure and recreational activities, robust and comprehensive training courses, a work environment filled with humanistic care and enabling physical and mental health, and a workplace that keeps employees energetic, we allow employees to balance work and life and become a happy enterprise of employees.

Human Rights

Impartiality and fairness


Abide by laws and regulations


As an electronic citizen and enterprise, we are committed to following the RBA commitment and hereby declare that we will respect and treat labor with impartiality and fairness and abide by government laws and regulations. Apart from banning child labor, we have specified regulations for labor employment. In staff selection, we maintain a fair, impartial, open, and reasonable manner. In the recruitment, selection, employment, assignment, evaluation, promotion, education and training, benefits, and retirement for job applicants or employees, we do not engage in discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, political affiliation, and pregnancy.

Employee Welfare


  • Employee wages
  • Bonuses for production performance, operational performance, and R&D patents and innovation proposals
  • Commendations of R&D staff, senior staff, and outstanding staff
  • Employee stock ownership (to be implemented whenever appropriate)


  • Free group insurance, accident insurance for expatriates and their dependents, travel insurance for overseas business trips, regular onsite consultation service of group insurance brokers
  • Yearly physical examinations, employee health management, comfortable leisure space, and professional medical consultation
  • Breastfeeding room
  • Well-planned retirement system
  • Work conditions for gender equality
  • Flextime, company bus, and factory shuttle bus


  • Cash vouchers for Labor Day, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Dragon Boat Festival, and birthday gift certificates
  • Cash gifts for marriages and childbirths, hospitalization subsidies, and funeral assistance
  • Exciting festive and group recreational activities, comprehensive sports events, and joyous year-end party
  • Subsidies for local and overseas tours and club activities
  • Employee cafeterias, smart cafés, convenience stores, and multifunction fitness center, yoga classroom

Mothers’ Care

  • Parental leave of absence system, family care leave, maternity leave, and paternity leave
  • Breastfeeding room
  • Contract nurseries and kindergartens
  • Priority meal collection for pregnant employees
  • Birth subsidy (for employees or their spouses): NT$2,000 each baby and NT$1,000 for each baby after the first baby


At Coretronic, we contribute every month 6% of the employee’s pay (organizational contribution) as the employee pension fund, while the employee contribution is 0-6% in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act. For employees qualifying for adopting the old system (Labor Standards Act), we also contribute exactly 2% of the employee’s pay by the law as the pension reserve and deposit the sum to the company’s pension special account to disburse the pension for employees fulfilling the retirement requirements in that year, in order to protect the rights and benefits of employees nearing retirement. To senior employee’s outstanding performance, we will hire them as consultants after they apply for retirement to enable them to pass down their rich experience to other employees. Apart from offering professional consultation service to the company, this policy provides retired employees with a stage to continuously contribute their expertise.