It is our persistent goal to create a premium environment for both work and life of employees. We also wish to bring more pleasure and growth to employees. Here in Coretronic, you can live a happy life while pursuing achievements in your work.


Excellent Work Environment

Clean and bright space that provides employees with a safe and comfortable work environment.

咖啡 咖啡豆

Fine Dining Environment

The restaurant provides different kinds of delicious foods. The café offers various snacks and coffee that cater to employees’ tastes. The convenience store allows employees to refresh at all times.

Quiet Reading Environment

The company provides various newspapers and magazines regularly, so that employees can acquire knowledge and information irrelevant to the work.

Various Fitness Facilities

There are fitness center, billiards room, and Aerobics classroom in Coretronic. By doing exercises, employees can take a rest and relieve stress while enhancing vitality and interacting with each other.

Open Communication Channels

At Coretronic, we have established and arranged comprehensive communication channels, such as the 8585 hotline and mailbox, physical suggestion box, free service hotline, EIP employee website, employee forum, employee satisfaction survey, newcomer’s seminar, labor-management meeting, and employee welfare committee meeting, to publicize organizational policies, systems, benefits, and activities, and enable employees to fully express their opinions. All opinions will be gathered by related units to make timely response to employees or offer them support.

Heart-warming Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides the following services, such as psychological counseling, legal aid, financial advice, , health guidance and management advisory services.