Comprehensive System

Adhering to the belief: Talents are our most important corporate asset, and we nourish employees with the nutrients required for learning and growth through comprehensive channels and platforms. Apart from strengthening the training of duty-required competencies, we emphasize the cultivation of a common value and a common attitude and actively broaden the international vision of employees.


To establish a common value, we apply the experiential learning approach for employees to deeply experience our R.I.S.E. corporate culture featuring: responsibility, innovation, superiority, and entrepreneurship. In addition, this approach can achieve triple effectiveness: improving individual capacity improvement, enhancing problem solving ability, and cohering team consensus.

Furthermore, based on their own career planning and learning map, employees can attend systemic training courses to learn management competency or professional competency. Our global strategic deployment, regional job rotation, and foreign language training enable employees to fulfill their dreams on the international stage.

Various Channels

At Coretronic, innovation and quality are crucial competitive strengths. We design and develop comprehensive learning tools and activities and combine them into the best learning portfolios. Based on the time they can spare and the learning model, employees can choose different growth channel to fulfill the needs of their duty and personal development.

On-the job Training

  • Work instructions
  • Task/project assignment
  • Meeting/group discussion
  • Job accompaniment/ Job agency

Lecture course

  • Lecture course
  • Lecture course
  • Workshop / Symposium
  • Experiential learning


  • Reading
  • Reading club
  • In-service training program


  • E-course
  • Knowledge forum
  • Internal e-newsletter
  • Learning resources library

With the approval of the authorization supervisor, employees freely attend education and training activities offered by domestic or overseas organizations.

Main Training

  • Common training: Through the orientation training, required e-learning courses, and corporate culture experiential camp for newcomers, we enable newcomers to acquaint themselves with the internal environment and policies of the company within a short time, better experience the content of our corporate culture, and apply such culture in the routine work.
  • Professional training: We arrange a wide variety of courses offered through classroom lectures and e-learning for newcomers to contribute their expertise within a short time.

Practice and Internalization of Corporate Culture

A corporate culture is formed through long-time and persistent cultivation. In 2011, we defined our corporate culture as R.I.S.E., hoping that every employee can practice and demonstrate the spirit of Responsibility, Innovation, Superiority, and Entrepreneurship in their work. Practicing R.I.S.E. also enables continuous sales growth.

By promoting “corporate culture”, we hope to develop a consistent direction and a common language within the organization, and identify and equip with a consistent value and attitude that enable us to demonstrate team spirit, achieve all missions, think in different ways, create strengths, act aggressively and enthusiastically, make changes with courage, and keep self-challenging. With such, we aim to raise our core competitiveness and attempt to go beyond the expectation of customers.


Training of Professional Talent

Training of International Talent

Learners' Reflection

The impressive orientation training helped me adapt myself to the new environment.

I am happy to become a member of the Coretronic family. After participating in the impressive orientation training, I found that every company has its uniqueness and special coherence. The lively introduction of the corporate culture informed me that Coretronic aims to make the company better and help the employees develop fully in addition to making money. It gave me a sense of belonging. In addition to the corporate culture and major products of the company, the fire fighting training was very helpful with demonstrating the use of the fire extinguisher in the field when a fire accident occurs. I got to know some colleagues from other departments. This may be helpful with smooth cooperation in the future and good for the formation of interpersonal relationships. The orientation training was very impressive. I could feel the enthusiasm of the instructors and their expectation of a good future for every new comer. This is what I obtained most from the orientation training.


Make dreams come true – Experience in the development of new technology.

The training allowed me to experience the special process of developing a new product and the difficulties encountered. I learnt that innovative ideas are difficult to develop and high enthusiasm and endeavors are required for the coming challenge. The development tendency of the new products and technologies of the company, including the competency that the developer must have, were introduced in the training. This was very helpful with the development and application of new technologies in the future. I learnt many new ideas and thoughts in the training. It is common to encounter unexpected situations during development of new technologies. What matters is one’s attitude when facing and overcoming difficulty. Learning and growing in the process of development is important. Everyone has shortcomings and needs to achieve goals through teamwork. I admired the enthusiasm of the instructors for R&D. I hope that I will have the same enthusiasm some day.


Various options of classroom training and e-learning courses to easily upgrade English proficiency.

Thanks to the language training courses that the HR department provides, employees can take training courses internally or participate in e-learning courses at home. Since I can arrange my schedule freely, my English proficiency was upgraded easily and effectively. The content of learning was rich and interesting. The teachers guided the trainees in asking questions actively with their lively teaching styles and corrected errors in real time. In group exercise training, I learnt many details that I did not know before I took the course. The training is substantial. I can feel the attention of the company in planning such courses that help employees learn the skills helpful for their work.