Issue Date:July 27, 2022

As the COVID-19 pandemic went on in 2021, besides changing the human everyday life, it has also brought irreversible changes to the global economic and industrial structures. In this year, through perfect risk control and response, robust R&D power, and flexible operational model, we maintained steady growth again adversities, flying high against the wind. Upholding the core concepts of reformation and innovation, we demonstrated Coretronic’s robust operational resilience through constant profitability. Here, we wholeheartedly thank all stakeholders for their support and encouragement, which have enabled us to overcome all challenges and look out at the sustainable future from a brand-new point of view through a lively and joyful attitude, vitality, and creativity.

Coretronic has published the ESG report following the GRI Standards for 14 consecutive years since 2008 to establish and strengthen communication with stakeholders. Moreover, we adopt the sustainability indicators of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) in 2021 to show our sustainable performance to all stakeholders, hoping drive the sustainable development by innovation technology and the core competence of Coretronic so as to implement the sustainable strategies and achieve the goals.

Corporate Governance
As a role model of Corporate Governance, Coretronic has been ranked in the top 5% in the Corporate Governance Evaluation from Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) for the 7th consecutive year (2015-2021) and the top 10% in the electronics industry corporations (market value is over NTD 10 billion) in the Corporate Governance Evaluation from Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) for the 3rd consecutive year (2019-2021), selected as a component of the TPEx Corporate Governance Index for 7 consecutive years (2015~2021), claimed TCSA "Transparency and Integrity Leadership Award" for 4 consecutive years (2018~2021), and selected as a component of the TIP Taiwan TPEx ESG Index and the TIP TPEx ESG IT Elite Total Return Index in 2021. Additionally, we have arranged the on-line course named "Awareness Education on Business Integrity" for all indirect employees since 2020 to enhance the employees' awareness of business integrity, strive to establish the foundation for creating benefits for shareholders and retain the enterprise’s competitiveness and business sustainability.

Sustainable Environment

In response to the Paris Agreement and the goal of net zero emissions by 2050, our Environmental Protection Committee has progressively implement various sustainable environment measures in terms of four topics: “green products”, “green industrial chain”, “green production”, and “green life”. Additionally, in 2020 we also signed up to and implemented climate-related financial disclosures based on the framework recommended by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to re-assess the financial risks caused by climate change. We furthered agreed to achieve the following targets: “reduce GHG (Category 1 and 2) emissions by 50% in 2032 and net zero emissions by 2050”. In the future, we will promote various carbon reduction programs to mitigate the greenhouse effect and extend the green influence in collaboration with stakeholders in order to contribute to fighting climate change as a corporate citizen.

Friendly Workplace

Employees are the core power for the Company’s continuous growth and sustainable operation. We fulfilled our responsibility as a sporting and happy enterprise by implementing salary adjustment, increasing employee benefits, enforcing human rights management, holding various sport and recreational activities to improve the positive work attitude of the employee and help obtain a balance between work and life. To combat COVID-19, we have also established various stringent epidemic control measures for employees to feel safe to come to work, hoping to become a happy enterprise recognized by employees with corporate commitments and strategies that meet their needs more closely.

Social Care

Coretronic and Firefly Volunteer Team will implement “Light Wishes for the Rurals”, “Farm the Hopes”, “Light Pioneer”, “Love Followers”, and “Dream Walkers” together to eliminate digital divide, pursue equitable quality education, and bridge the urban-rural gap. In 2021, we practice ”Fight the Pandemic” to reduce the negative impact on society. Moreover, Coretronic Culture and Arts Foundation was established in 2010 and has continually held “Taiwan Environment Lighting Award” in recent years to highlight Taiwan's culture, promote art and cultural events that feature the element of light, and elevate living quality. What’s more, Coretronic Culture and Arts Foundation is using light as the medium, connecting culture and environment, and allowing light to become a part of the art of living. The subsidiary, Optoma, also has long-term sponsorship of major video and art exhibitions with the high-level projection systems, which a strategic combination of the professional core technology and corporate social responsibility.

Facing the constantly changing competition environment, we ceaselessly provide customers with complete and comprehensive custom display solutions to maintain steady growth. Additionally, in response to the post-pandemic era and global carbon reduction issues, we will further develop a sustainable supply chain actively, integrate internal and external resources to develop cross-industry smart application technology, continue to promote smart manufacturing and smart warehousing projects, enforce global deployment and local operations to enhance overall competitiveness. In the future, we will address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) based on the spirit of proactive innovation and teamwork in order to achieve the SDGs in collaboration with stakeholders and thereby demonstrate positive influence to create a sustainable world.

Chairman and CEO
董事長暨執行長 Wade Chang