Issue Date:August 1, 2019

With strategic transformation over the past many years, Coretronic has once again reached new heights of business in 2018 and attained the highest profit of the past eight years. This achievement and growth number not only brought fruitful results to stakeholders, but also the best demonstration of transformation efficiency in the industry. Despite the various uncertainties due to the varying political and economic situation around the world and the ever-changing industry, we continue to evolve, innovate and carry through the mid-term and long-term business strategies, as well as to continuously enhance the global competitiveness of product innovation and manufacturing process technology with our profitable business models and the product transformation over the past many years. We would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all stakeholders for the long-term support and partnership, so that Coretronic is able to stably overcome its strategic transformation with confidence.


In order to establish and strengthen communication with stakeholders, we have published the corporate social responsibility report for eleven consecutive years since 2008 to disclose our efforts and performance in terms of economic, social and environmental sustainability indicators. For the full disclosure of our CSR achievements, we have been publishing CSR reports in conformity with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and have used the GRI Standards to demonstrate to stakeholders our sustainability strategies and activities for 2 years. We also have begun to apply for and passed third-party assurance to respectively meet the requirements of AA1000 Assurance Standard (2008) Type 1, medium level and Type 2, high level assurance since 2016. From 2012 onward, we have won the Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award, an indicative CSR award in Taiwan, organized by the Common Wealth Magazine for seven consecutive years. Since 2016, we have won the Silver Award and Gold Award, respectively, of the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award (TSCA). In addition, we was listed in 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Yearbook by Economic Daily News. In the future, we hope to plan and implement CSR projects based on the needs of the society and the core competencies of the enterprise so as to solve the social problems with more employees as well as stakeholders, and achieve SDGs to create a more sustainable world.


To pursue economic sustainable development, we emphasize the quality and transparency of information disclosure. Since 2015, we have been rated one of the top 5% TPEX-listed companies in corporate governance and became a constituent of its Corporate Governance Index. What’s more, we has honorably earned 2018 TCSA "Transparency and Integrity Award" First Prize. In addition, the Company emphasizes the enhancement of supervision and management of the business operations for the purpose of creating a better internal governance mechanism, and thus the Company had entrusted an external independent institution to conduct performance evaluation of the board of directors in 2018. On the basis of the evaluation recommendations, a “Risk Management Team” was founded under the CSR Committee, for identifying and managing risk factors, as well as to reinforce the enterprise’s risk management, enhance the capability in response to emergency events, and establish the foundation for creating benefits for shareholders, retaining the enterprise’s competitiveness and business sustainability.


Green Environment

The extreme climate due to global warming and climate change has impacted the world, as the limited resources have resulted in the increase of business operating costs which is also an unprecedented challenge to the mankind. Therefore, the Environmental Protection Committee announced the “environmental sustainability and occupational safety and health policy” based on the "environmental sustainability 4G" - Green Carbon, Green Water, Green Energy and Green Recycle, and included “carbon reduction, water saving, energy conservation and waste reduction” as the core of sustainable development of environment for Coretronic. Moreover, 2018 was set to be the first year of the circular economy. We cooperate with our suppliers to promote the waste reduction project through the supplier conference, and we also follow the government's renewable energy policy by purchasing the renewable energy certificate and constructing the solar power system. As a result, Headquarters and Tainan Branch Office won the bronze medal of the 27th R.O.C. Enterprise Environmental Protection Award from the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan, and Chunan Office has even progressed from the bronze medal to the silver medal, which indicates that the Company's environmentally friendly policy is highly recognized and supported. In the future, we will continue to promote more diversified environmentally friendly projects and green educational events based on the “environmental sustainability 4G," and actively respond to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - #7 Affordable and Clean Energy, #12 Responsible Consumption and Production and #13 Climate Action, to become a benchmark enterprise for sustainable development.


Friendly Workplace

Employees are the core to strive for the company's sustainable business operations. In order to respond to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)-#8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, and enable our employees to obtain the best balance between work and their personal lives as part of the implementation of sports corporate responsibility, we are committed to offering competitive employee benefits, conducting a series of recreational and entertaining activities, holding various sports competitions, arranging diverse staff training courses, providing a human and caring workplace that is able to maintain employees’ physical and mental health, and creating diverse, effective and efficient communication channels for our employees. Therefore, we passed practical on-site inspection and obtained the 2018 "Taiwan iSports Enterprise Certification" from the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education. The Headquarters had also received the 2018 “National Outstanding Health Workplace – the Vitality Award” from the Ministry of Health and Welfare. We hope to implement the corporate commitments and strategies that can fulfill the employees’ needs and become a happy enterprise with the recognition of our employees.


Social Care

In response to the goals 2-Zero Hunger, 4-Quality Education and 10-Reduced Inequalities of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to enhance employees’ participation and increase social influence, we have initiated the “Light Wishes for the Rurals” program in 2011, the “Farm the Hopes” program in 2014, the “Light Pioneer” program in 2016, the “Love Followers” program in 2017, and the “Dream Walkers” program in 2018. As of the end of 2018, we had continually helped 94 rural schools or public interest groups, as well as 10,652 underprivileged or rural children. In addition, the Coretronic Culture and Arts Foundation was established in 2010, to facilitate the promotion of Taiwanese culture, the awareness of lighting environment and enhancing the life quality. In 2018, various activities were conducted to promote the lighting culture from different aspects, including the "First Lighting Environment Award," "Lighting Up Program" and "Light Detective.” The subsidiary of the enterprise-Optoma also has long-term sponsorship of major video and art exhibitions with the high-level projection systems, which a strategic combination of the professional core technology and corporate social responsibility. In the future, in addition to continuously promote the above-mentioned programs, we also hope to invite more employees and external stakeholders to cooperate and participate in social activities to increase the social influence and achieve the objective of a mutually benefited society.


Coretronic encourages internal entrepreneurship and is dedicated to enhancing the overall operational business performance of the Group. Following the founding of subsidiaries including uCare Medical Electronics, Champ Vision Display, InnoSpectra, Coretronic Intelligent and Cloud Service, and Coretronic Intelligent Robotics in 2017, the Nano Precision Taiwan was also founded in 2018. With the foundation of the existing two major business groups, we look forward to developing the cutting-edge technologies such as “image recognition, artificial intelligence and cloud value-added service” to create new growth momentum. Furthermore, we are committed to becoming a world-class leader in the emerging industries as we continue to invest in the fields of “cloud services, intelligent robots and mixed reality.” Our ultimate goal is to realize the mission of “developing technology-oriented and sustainable business operations” and fulfill the responsibility as social citizens, as we will work together with all stakeholders to create a future with sustainability.

Chairman and CEO
董事長暨執行長 Wade Chang