Issue Date:July 28, 2021

In 2020, an unprecedented war by the "epidemic" has been declared on humanity. The COVID-19 that has ravaged the world has caused a huge impact on the economy, society and environment worldwide. Under the new pattern of trade war and post-epidemic life, enterprises' ability to control and respond to risks is being tested. As a sustainable enterprise, Coretronic has quickly recovered from the epidemic with strong R&D capabilities and a flexible business model, and has maintained its core philosophy of change and innovation, demonstrating operational resilience with sustained profitability and consolidating its global competitiveness. Thus, we sincerely thank all stakeholders for their support and care to enable constant and stable growth of Coretronic in times of adversity. We are confident that by working together, we will be able to see the bright light of hope in an extremely gray world of epidemic world, with a resilient, warm, and optimistic attitude.

In order to establish and strengthen communication with stakeholders, we have published the corporate social responsibility report for 13 consecutive years since 2008。Moreover, in line with the international trend of sustainability, we have renamed the report "Sustainability Report" this year to show to our stakeholders our sustainable performance in the aspects of economic/governance, society and environment. We hope to achieve the goal of sustainable development of the United Nations together with our stakeholders by way of innovation and technology to drive sustainable development, focusing on the needs of society and supplemented with our core competencies, and carrying through sustainable projects from the outside in to exercise positive influence to create a sustainable world together.

To be a role model of Corporate Governance, we established a better internal governance mechanism to display the better quality and transparency of information disclosure. Therefore, we established Nominating Committee in 2020 to strengthen the selection mechanism of the Board of Directors and executives. Additionally, we conducted the yearly internal performance assessment of the Board of Directors and functional committee, and the performance of the Board of Directors was evaluated again by an external professional independent institution. All the assessment results will be reported to the Board of Directors. Coretronic strive to establish the foundation for creating benefits for shareholders and retain the enterprise’s competitiveness and business sustainability.

Green Environment

Coretronic’s Environmental Protection Committee established four new environment sustainability strategies, “Green Product”, “Green Supply Chain”, “Green Production”, and “Green Life”, implemented TCFD structure to evaluate the risks from climate change, and drafted energy saving and carbon reduction strategies based on low-carbon products and green operations. What’s more, we committed and officially proposed the goal which expected that “the reduced amount of GHG emission will accumulate to 14% from 2020 to 2028.” In the future, we will promote each action program with stakeholders to practice SDGs and become a benchmark enterprise for sustainable development.

Friendly Workplace

Employees are the core power for the Company’s continuous growth and sustainable operation. To ensure that employees can work with comfort and create outstanding performance, we fulfilled our responsibility as a sporting and happy enterprise by establishing competitive compensation benefit system and holding a series of recreational and entertaining activities to improve the positive work attitude of the employee and help obtain a balance between work and life. We also create a safe, healthy, and friendly workplace to gather the loyalty of the employee and provide a variety of innovative and sound courses and systematized performance assessment to assist their development. By fulfilling the corporate commitments and strategies that meets the employees’ needs, we hope to become a happy enterprise recognized by our employees.

Social Care

Coretronic and Firefly Volunteer Team will implement “Light Wishes for the Rurals”, “Farm the Hopes”, “Light Pioneer”, “Love Followers”, and “Dream Walkers” together to eliminate digital divide, pursue equitable quality education, and bridge the urban-rural gap. Moreover, the Coretronic Culture and Arts Foundation was established in 2010, to facilitate the promotion of Taiwanese culture, the awareness of lighting environment and enhancing the life quality. The subsidiary of the enterprise-Optoma also has long-term sponsorship of major video and art exhibitions with the high-level projection systems, which a strategic combination of the professional core technology and corporate social responsibility. In the future, in addition to continuously promote the above-mentioned programs, we also hope to invite more employees and external stakeholders to cooperate and participate in social activities to increase the social influence and achieve the objective of a mutually benefited society.

We will continue to optimize our two major business groups for steady growth, while developing complete solutions for cloud services and assorted smart fields, and developing and possessing key component technologies and self-production capabilities in the face of the ongoing volatility in the overall international political and economic situation affected by the epidemic. In order to build up new growth momentum, we will continue to create forward-looking technologies such as "image recognition, artificial intelligence and cloud value-added services" and hope that the COVID-19 epidemic will pass as soon as possible, so that we can implement our globalization footprint plan and move towards the goal of sustainable corporate development.

Chairman and CEO
董事長暨執行長 Wade Chang