Issue Date:August 04, 2020

For most enterprises, 2019 might be a year full of economic turmoil. Due to the escalating U.S.-China and Japan-Korea trade wars along with Brexit, the economic growth of advanced countries and emerging markets were not as expected. The market suffered from various bad news, causing many uncertain factors and challenges to the transformation of Coretronic. Despite the varying political and economic situation around the world and the ever-changing industry, we insist on the core concept of reformation and innovation. By implementing the short-term objectives with the mid- and long-term strategies, we presented our transformation benefits with our continuous profitability. We also strengthened the global competitiveness via our profitable business models and the competitive product transformation over the past many years along with the lean and intelligent manufacturing to improve the efficiency and product quality. Thus, we sincerely thank all stakeholders for their support and care to enable constant and stable development of Coretronic in times of adversity.

In order to establish and strengthen communication with stakeholders, we have published the corporate social responsibility report for 12 consecutive years since 2008 to disclose our efforts and performance in terms of economic, social and environmental sustainability indicators. In the future, we hope to plan and implement CSR projects based on the needs of the society and the core competencies of the enterprise so as to solve the social problems with more employees as well as stakeholders, and achieve SDGs to create a more sustainable world.

To be a role model of Corporate Governance, we strengthen the quality and transparency of information disclosure. Additionally, to create a better internal governance mechanism, the Board of Directors of Coretronic has stipulated and published the “Regulations for Performance Assessment of the Board of Directors” on its official website. Besides, the performance of the Board of Directors will be evaluated every year, and an external performance assessment of the Board of Directors will be conducted by an external professional independent institution at least once every three years. All the assessment results will be reported to the Board of Directors. Coretronic strive to establish the foundation for creating benefits for shareholders and retain the enterprise’s competitiveness and business sustainability.

Green Environment

Coretronic’s Environmental Protection Committee established four environment sustainability strategies, “Green Product”, “Green Supply Chain”, “Green Production”, and “Green Office”, and drafted energy saving and carbon reduction strategies based on low-carbon products and green operations to mitigate the greenhouse effect and decrease the impact. What’s more, we committed and officially proposed the goal which expected that “the reduced amount of GHG emission will accumulate to 14% from 2015 to 2025” in 2016. In the future, we will set four new environment sustainability strategies and promote each action program with stakeholders to practice SDGs and become a benchmark enterprise for sustainable development.

Friendly Workplace

Employees are the core power for the Company’s continuous growth and sustainable operation. To ensure that employees can work with comfort and create outstanding performance, we fulfilled our responsibility as a sporting and happy enterprise by establishing complete compensation benefit system and holding a series of recreational and entertaining activities to improve the positive work attitude of the employee and help obtain a balance between work and life. We also create a safe, healthy, and friendly workplace to gather the loyalty of the employee and provide a variety of innovative and sound courses and systematized performance assessment to assist their development. By fulfilling the corporate commitments and strategies that meets the employees’ needs, we hope to become a happy enterprise recognized by our employees.

Social Care

Coretronic will implement “Light Wishes for the Rurals”, “Farm the Hopes”, “Light Pioneer”, “Love Followers”, and “Dream Walkers” to eliminate digital divide, pursue equitable quality education, and bridge the urban-rural gap. Moreover, the Coretronic Culture and Arts Foundation was established in 2010, to facilitate the promotion of Taiwanese culture, the awareness of lighting environment and enhancing the life quality. The subsidiary of the enterprise-Optoma also has long-term sponsorship of major video and art exhibitions with the high-level projection systems, which a strategic combination of the professional core technology and corporate social responsibility. In the future, in addition to continuously promote the above-mentioned programs, we also hope to invite more employees and external stakeholders to cooperate and participate in social activities to increase the social influence and achieve the objective of a mutually benefited society.

Coretronic will uphold its mission as a technical leader of digital display systems to continue the cultivation and innovation of display solutions. Moreover, our new direction will focus on the image recognition, artificial intelligence, and cloud value-added service while reaching the uppermost agreement of all members to implement the mid- and long-term strategies. With the utilization of teamwork along with an active and positive attitude and execution, we expect to reach the mission of “technology-oriented and sustainable business operations” and pursue the maximum benefit for overall shareholders and employees while working together with all stakeholders to implement corporate social responsibility and create a future with sustainability.

Chairman and CEO
董事長暨執行長 Wade Chang