Issue Date:August 9, 2018

To us, 2017 was a year to consolidate transformation efficiency, implement medium- and long-term strategies, and expand territory. Given that continuous reformation and innovation are key to sustainable development for enterprises, through the profit-making model developed over the years and transformation of product competitiveness, we continue to improve global competitiveness in product innovation and development and process technology, in order to make good performance and fulfill the expectations of stakeholders. Here, we need to thank all employees for their efforts and devotions and stakeholders for their constant recognition and support.


In order to establish and strengthen communication with stakeholders, we have published the corporate social responsibility report for ten consecutive years since 2008 to disclose our efforts and performance in terms of economic, social and environmental sustainability indicators. For the full disclosure of our CSR achievements, we have been publishing CSR reports in conformity with the G3 and G4 of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. This year we have changed to the GRI Standards to demonstrate to stakeholders our sustainability strategies and activities with the new GRI Standards. We also began to apply for and passed third-party assurance in 2015. From 2012 onward, we have won the Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award, an indicative CSR award in Taiwan, organized by the Common Wealth Magazine for six consecutive years. Later in 2016 and 2017, we won the Silver Award and Gold Award, respectively, of the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award (TSCA). In the future, in order to promote and implement CSR from inside out, apart from publishing the CSR eNewsletter regularly and establishing a better volunteer system, we will encourage employees to plan CSR activities and invite stakeholders to join them, hoping to create a more sustainable world with worldwide partners.


To pursue economic sustainable development, we emphasize the quality and transparency of information disclosure. Between 2015 and 2017, we were rated one of the top 5% TPEX-listed companies in corporate governance and became a constituent of its Corporate Governance Index. In addition, we spare no efforts to engage in product R&D and innovation as the drive for economic sustainable development. Since Coretronic was established, we have since positioned ourselves as “a provider of total solutions for innovative display systems” to continuously develop core optical technologies to extend our scope of business to optical components and system products. Therefore, we earned the Product Innovation Award as an outstanding manufacturer in the Hsinchu Science Park for three consecutive years. To further strengthen operational supervision and management to establish a better internal governance mechanism, we hired external independent organizations to evaluate board performance in 2017. It is expected that the results will be reported to the board meeting in 2018.


Green Environment

With the rise off the awareness of energy conservation and emissions reduction and the circular economy and in response to the goals 7-Affordable and Clean Energy, 12-Responsible Consumption and Production and 13-Climate Action of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Coretronic Environmental Protection Committee sets the Environmental Sustainability 4G: Green Carbon, Green Water, Green Energy and Green Recycle as the action slogan to make “carbon reduction, water conservation, electricity conservation, and waste reduction” as the core for our development toward environmental sustainability and the Green Lifestyle Program, including purchasing 100,000 KWH green power, construction of Green Roof and Green Plantations; the coastal cleanup; Green Point Collection; and recruitment of environmental volunteers. For this reason, both the Chunan Plant and the STSP Plant won the Bronze Award at the 26th ROC Enterprises Environmental Protection Award organized by the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan. In the future, we will disseminate the sustainability concept of “saving water and electricity for sustainability and low carbon and waste reduction for green” based on the Environmental Sustainability 4G, in order to continuously implement more comprehensive eco-friendly plans and green education activities and thereby build a green enterprise together with employees.


Friendly Workplace

While employees are an important asset to any enterprises, we have spared no effort to raise the organizational cohesion and commitment of employees. We created harmony and a zero distance labor-management relationship with multifaceted, virtuous and smooth communication channels <84; cared for the mental and physical workplace life of employees with comprehensive sports and recreational activities and a humanized work environment; and developed a robust and comprehensive employee training courses for core competence training based on corporate culture and the group’s R.I.S.E. elements to improve the professional competencies of employees and raise their organizational cohesion. In the future, we will recruit talents more comprehensively and develop talent training and friendly workplace programs to realize a happy workplace that is closer to employees’ needs according to goal 8-Decent work and economic growth of the SDGs.


Social Care

By the end of 2017, we have successfully lighted up 6,819 students and their smiles from vulnerable groups from 28 elementary schools in remote areas in Miaoli County, Hsinchu County, Greater Tainan Area and Nantou County and under the Light Wishes for the Rurals initiated in 2011 (Warm Technology, Fulfill Kid’s Dreams on Children’s Day, Exchange Love and Warm on X’mas, Thanksgiving for Rice Farmers, Little Artists, and Taian Spirit); and the Light Pioneer initiated in 2016 (High-tech Adventure and Digital Interactive Classroom). In addition, apart from donating over 22 tons of locally grown organic rice to 11 vulnerable and social welfare groups for six consecutive years since 2011, we initiated the Farm the Hopes program in 2014 to procure organic vegetable from local peasants as food for employees on a long-term and steady basis and hired experts to help peasants to develop non-toxic farming to increase their income. The Coretronic Culture and Arts Foundation was established in 2010 continued the Let’s Sense Light-City Projects and Light Education programs to light up Taiwanese culture, promote light education and improve the quality of life. In 2017, apart from permanently lighting up the Ximen in Hengchun and completing the Qishang Barn Art Museum, we organized the art and culture cultivation program Look! Small Games and Small Films— Brave Children are Shining with Taian Junior High School in Miaoli County and the Light Detective in Hsinchu and Kaohsiung, and published the eNewsletter to reinforce connections and communication with different stakeholder groups, in order to promote the light environment concept with comprehensive, real actions. Subsidiary— Optoma has been sponsoring advanced projection systems to leading film and art festivals and exhibitions to strategically connect professional core technology with CSR. In the future, we hope to invite more stakeholder groups (employees, customers, suppliers, and NGOs) to participate in social welfare activities with us, in order to create the 1+1>2 synergy and the common good value of society.


Committed to improving the overall operational performance, we established five subsidiaries in the second half of 2017: uCare Medical Electronics Co., Ltd., Champ Vision Display. Inc., InnoSpectra Corporation, Coretronic Intelligent Cloud Service Corporation, and Coretronic Intelligent Robotics Corporation, hoping to develop visionary technologies in the “image recognition, artificial intelligence and cloud value-added services” based on the operational foundation of two Coretronic business groups. Adhering to the belief in sustainable development, we will realize the mission to “ingrain technology and sustain operations” with a self-motivated and innovative attitude, teamwork and professional management; and fulfill the responsibility as a social citizen, hoping to create a sustainable future through the combined efforts of all stakeholders.

Chairman and CEO
董事長暨執行長 Wade Chang