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Coretronic Corporation announce on acquisition of Calibre

In respond to the demand of large size display and the ProAV market in the future, Coretronic Corporation (5371.TW) today announced it has completed the acquisition of Calibre UK Limited, the high-end image scaling and processing technology leader, in the end of July 2017. Calibre has become a 100% owned subsidiary of Coretronic. With the integration of hardware and software capability of both companies, Coretronic believe strategic partnership with Calibre will accelerate transformation of Coretronic to better future growth momentum, provide more value-add to customers and further enhance our competitive advantage.

Established in 1988, Calibre is a Bradford-based company with the most advanced image scaling and processing technologies in the industry, and it’s a leading manufacturer of video control box with high-end video processing design, development and manufacturing capability. Honorably, Calibre won the award “Queen’s Awards for Enterprise”, the highest official UK awards for British firm. Calibre has about 30 employees currently.

“The value of acquisition is not only the integration of software and hardware technology, but also cooperation to develop more innovative visual solutions to expand the visual solutions market in the future.” said Mr. SY Chen, President of Visual Solutions Business Group of Coretronic. Coretronic has placed high expectations on this acquisition. In the future, Coretronic will team up with Calibre to advance 4K resolution platform, and optimize imaging processing technology. Moreover, it will provide the embedded solution for large LED video wall to meet the needs of high-end video demand, and led Coretronic step into the supply chain and market of LED video wall eventually. “We will actively integrate the operation of two companies and look forward to gradually appearing the benefit of this acquisition.” said SY Chen.