Issue Date:August 5, 2019

Health Care

Employees are important assets to the Company. It is the Company’s responsibility to continuously take care of the employees' health. The employees will be able to carry out high-efficiency and high-quality work performance if they are in a healthy physical and mental condition. Therefore, the health management system is operated according to the PDCA practices to improve the employees’ health; the health risks are assess based on the annual health reports to prioritize the promotion of health activities, and thus to propose the annual plan to actively promote various health events; and after the events, the effectiveness evaluation will be conducted to stipulate the improvement strategy; we expect that all of our employees can receive comprehensive care and we are committed to create a healthy, safe, comfortable and friendly workplace.

Health Examination
  • Annual Health Examination:
    We assist our employees to manage their health risks through the health examination conducted every two years (better than the regulations). We also review and track abnormal cases, arrange medical health interviews, provide health consultation, and arrange medical referrals if necessary. The 2018 annual health examination specifically included the thyroid ultrasound examination. A total of 1,822 people were examined, with a examination rate of 99.9% and a satisfaction rate of over 95%.
    For abnormality cases in health examination, we will arrange one-on-one consultation with the specialists for occupational disease, and the total number of consultations was 308.
  • Physical Examination of New Employees:On the basis of the examination results, employees with abnormal medical repots will be provided with health education and consultation, and if necessary, one-on-one consultations and follow-up examinations will be arranged.
  • Periodic Examination for Employees Engaged in Special Job:
    The annual health examination for employees engaged in special job will be conducted according to the inspection results of the work environment and the investigation results of work hazard provided by the environmental and safety department; the examination items include lead, dust, noise, n-hexane, ionizing radiation, nickel and its compounds, with an examination rate of 100%.
    On the basis of examination results, the grading of health management shall be conducted and the employees who are in second-level (inclusive) or above shall be arranged to have health interviews and educational consultations, and if necessary, medical referrals will be arranged to avoid any possible health risk due to the work exposure.
Health Protection

In order to effectively reduce employees’ risk of being exposed to hazards and occupational diseases, the Company has stipulated the operational instructions based on maternity care, human factors engineering, overload and illegal infringement, to response to the health issues in the emerging workplace of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. The skeletal muscle and work overload survey questionnaire will be given to the employees during the annual health examination to identify the high-risk groups and conduct the grading management; and the personal health consultation and related improvement measures will be provide to protect the health of employees.

  • Maternity Care
    Proactive care for female employees who are pregnant or give childbirth within one year. In 2018, the maternal health risk assessments for 39 mothers were conducted and the grading management was adopted for health protection measures such as work adjustments or replacements.
  • Overload
    The number of hours for applying overtime work will be reviewed monthly to ensure that all employees do not have excessive workload. In 2018, the monthly working hours for the employees who apply for overtime work are less than 80 hours.
  • Human Factors Engineering
    The survey questionnaire assessment is conducted every 2 years, to analyze the identification results of high-risk groups and consultation with doctors will be arranged for assessment and instructions.
  • Illegal Infringement
    In addition to the 8585 mailboxes and hotlines for infringement complaints at workplace, we also founded the "Review committee for illegal infringement complaints at workplace" to handle the cases of illegal infringements. There is no complaint case of illegal infringement in 2018.
Health Activities

The health care columns are published in the company's internal electronic publications, and various health promotion activities are conducted for different groups, including women's cancer prevention, prevention of high blood pressure, high blood sugar and hyperlipidemia, vaccination, and physical fitness testing; and the effectiveness assessment will be conducted based on the survey questionnaire results of satisfaction for the activity. With the promotion and efforts by the health management units, Lixing Plant, Chunan Plant and Nanke Factory all had obtained the 2018 “health workplace certification – health promotion mark”, and the Lixing Plant was awarded the “National Outstanding Health Workplace – the Vitality Award.”
In addition, the Company had set up diverse sports facilities such as the fitness center and aerobics classroom, to actively cultivate good exercise habits for our employees. The Company also provides club subsidies to encourage employees to create sports clubs, to help our employees cultivate exercise habits in their daily lives. Therefore, the Company had passed the practical on-site inspection from the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education in 2018, so that the sports enterprise certification can be extended to become a sustainable sports enterprise.

Friendly Workplace
  • Care for Motherhood
    In order to care for female employees who are pregnant, we planned exclusive parking spaces and priority to take meals for pregnant women; at the same time, we also established a breastfeeding room, to be in line with the breastfeeding promotion policy by the Health Promotion Administration; and we also issued a mommy’s handbook to inform the relevant rights to our employees.
  • Vitality Sports
    The fitness centers are available in all plants which provide sports facilities such as billiard tables, treadmills, spinning bikes and elliptical machines. They are available for employees to use during their leisure time, so that our employees will have physical health through the exercises and relax their body and mind.
  • Appreciation of Art
    We cooperated with the AAEON Foundation to display various paintings and photographic artworks in the plant corridor since 2017, so that our employees can relax their mind while enjoying the artworks.
  • Mind Relaxation
    We have multi-functional recreational room and creative brainstorming room with the soft lighting and comfortable sofas, to provide a space for the meeting of employees with a totally different atmosphere from the ordinary conference room.