Issue Date:August 2, 2023

Putting employees as the biggest asset of the group, and with families as the largest support, we organize various wonderful activities and events periodically for employees and their family to feel the corporate culture of Coretronic and enjoy fun and pleasure. Apart from promoting parent-child relationships and the physical and mental health of employees, these activities and events are organized to ensure employees to maintain the balance between work and family. We welcome you to join Coretronic and enjoy our comprehensive leisure and recreational activities to feel our concern and care for employees.

Softball Competition

Softball game is a traditional event of Coretronic, whether it's the preliminary rounds or the finals, it always gets people's blood pumping.

Sports Competitions

Coretronic places great importance on the balance between employee work and health. Therefore, sports competitions will be held annually, allowing colleagues to relax, exercise, and improve their physical well-being. It also fosters friendship among colleagues.

In 2022, we once again organized the “Run for Love,” a road running event that has been suspended for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which consisted of the 3 km and 10 km event categories. We not only specially invited our retired employees and their family members to visit us, but were also honored to welcome a number of visually impaired runners to take part in this event. In addition, we also adjusted the 10 km event category to time and rank male and female runners separately, thereby successfully attracting more female runners to sign up for this event.

Festival Events

  • Mid-autumn Brisk Walk x Online Barbecue Battle: organized the “Brisk Walking via App” activity, which replaced barbecue in real life with online barbecue. In this activity, participants had the opportunity to win prizes as long as they completed the exercise goals specified in the barbecue nine-box grid and connected the boxes. This activity was aimed at encouraging employees to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival in a low-carbon and healthy way.
  • Jade Rabbit Game: Participants could win PX Mart gift vouchers by pushing the Jade Rabbit doll into the designated spot. This activity not only enabled employees to move their body during working hours, but also enhanced the festive atmosphere and invigorated relationships among employees.
  • Handmade Love on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day: A handicraft instructor was invited to conduct “clasp case bag” and “key and coin pouch” handicraft classes, in which employees were introduced to leather and learned leather sewing skills so that they can quickly pick up these skills and make their own clasp case bags and key and coin pouches.
  • Halloween Decoration Fun: Employees were invited to showcase their creativity in “monster beauty” and decorate the workplace in teams based on the Halloween theme, with the intention of enlivening the mood at all departments and creating a Halloween atmosphere.

Trips for Golden Week

Light Lights Hsinchu

The CCAF and the Coretronic ESG Committee have been co-organizing “Light Lights Hsinchu,” an exclusive lighting art workshop for our employees, on an annual basis since 2016. This event has seen the participation of 481 people in total to date.

In 2022, we joined forces with Club Bing Beng to conduct a DIY periscope course, which was attended by 59 employees and their dependents, so that the participants in this course can not only create their own unique periscopes based on a number of simple steps, but also have fun with their families when making the periscopes.