Coretronic's backlight module business has a strong R&D technology group and is at the leading position in precision technology of optical components. We provide OEM and ODM manufacturing services of backlight modules and display products for WW customers. We also provide service of processing, including printing, cutting, injection, on the related components of backlight modules such as light guide plates and optical films. We have patents on critical technologies, including the technology of Light Guide Plate Injection, Prism and Diffusion Cutting, Printing, Micro Precision process, Electroforming, Laser, Sand Blasting, Wire Winding, IPO Electroplating, V-cut Process. Combining our outstanding operations and R&D teams, supported by professional management and specialists, these professionals of the Coretronic Backlight Unit Business Group have integrated supply chain and marketing systems to provide the highest quality products and services to our esteemed customers.

Innovative Technology

Borderless & Seamless Tiled Technology
Thin Film Technology
Switchable Privacy Display Technology
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High Color Energy-saving Technology

HDR Local Dimming
Ultra Silm Direct Type Display Technology
High Color Saturation Technology
Energy Saving of Backlighting
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Integration of Display & Touch Technology

Lamination Technology of TP/LCM
Customization Capability of LCMt
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Backlight Module Technology

Core Technology
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Medical Display Technology

Display Solution Provider
Color Management System
High Brightness Backlight Solution
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Touch Moudule Technology

R&D and Technology of Light Modules
TP Technology & Structure
TP Narrow border
TP Technology Application
Touch Product Technology
Touch Module Train Service
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i-Sports Technology

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