Issue Date:August 04, 2021

Green Life

We understand that the failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation has become the most impacting sustainability issue that concerns the world. Apart from the attempt to demonstrate the influence of sustainability with actions and activities promoting environmental preservation, we hope to enforce the “environmental sustainability 4G (go prosperous, go innovative, go caring, and go inclusive)” and initiate the “Green Lifestyle Program” with stakeholders in order to contribute to the sustainable development of the Earth through the concerted efforts of green partners.

"Rise Up"- Stair Climbing Competition

  • Coretronic installed a self-developed counter in each floor to record the carbon reduction footprint of the employee by stair climbing and held the “Rise Up” stair climbing competition since 2015 to internalize the environmental awareness of energy saving and carbon reduction internally in the Company.
  • From the increase in the machine stability, friendly participation mechanism, interesting competition award system and encouraging employees to team up for stair climbing, the President, Sarah Lin, specially invited employees to climb stairs to reduce carbon and led the stair climbing trend with a top-down approach. This was a specific action representing the internalization of green action in the Company.
  • Since 2015, we have climbed a total of 142,680,119 staircases to save a total of 1,037 tonCO2e, 1,980 MWh of electricity, and over NT$4.7 million of electricity bill.


Earth Day X A Green Habit, A Better Earth

  • A Green Habit, A Better Earth: Since 2020, we have declared a climate emergency and invited employees to joined “A Green Habit, A Better Earth” held by the social enterprise, Greenvines, Taiwan Environmental Information Association, and B Lab Taiwan.
  • Earth Day: Since 2016, we have held 17 green acts, including Turn-off the Light for 1 Hour, Green Family Day, Plant the Trees, Green Tour, environmental lectures and workshops with 11,535 participants on Earth Day in every plants in Taiwan.

Coastline Adoption & Annual Coastal Cleanup

  • Since 2017, we have adopted 0.5km of the coastline of Long Fong Fishing Port, and extended from 0.5km to 1km in 2020.
  • Since 2015, we have held annual coastal cleanup activity and rallied 396 employees and their families to clean up the beaches for four consecutive years. A total of 1,415kg of waste was cleaned up
  • We invited 51 employees to participate in 2020 coastal cleanup activity and cleaned up 215kg of waste. Also, we donated NTD 21,500 to The Society of Wilderness.


Green Roof

Through academe-industry collaboration with the Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, we asked employees to make the base for potted plants with the empty PET bottles and grow vanilla on the roof using the capillary action of high-tech non-woven fabrics to supply water for the plants. Apart from greening the city, the green roof can reduce the urban heat island (UHI) effect, save energy, and gather storm water to achieve the low-carbon lifestyle. In addition to giving a way for employees to relieve work stress, we have successfully built an eco-friendly work environment with employees through this project.


Green Points

To support “1 Million Acts of Green”, the Environmental Protection Committee initiates ”Green Points” activity, and gives away “Green Points Card” to employees We hope employees will join various green activities to support Coretronic’s sustainable strategies and ideas. Since 2017, 2,387 employees have participated in this activity, and done 10,589 green acts so as to achieve the goal we set (Complete 2,020 green acts by 2020).

Green Education
Green Knowledge

Starting in 2015, we released monthly environmental protection knowledge on the E-Bulletin and the official Facebook Fanpage to enhance the environmental awareness of all stakeholders.


Green Videos

To promote environmental education, we continued to conduct environmental education courses and introduce environmental education videos since 2017. In 2020, we created the APP for employees and their families to watch green videos anytime, anywhere. A total of 5,343 employees have taken on-line environmental education courses.

Green Tours

Since 2016, a total of 661 employees and their families have been on the green tours to ecological and environmental education facilities to learn more environmental information and experience the sustainable activities and workshops with their families.