Issue Date: August 3, 2023

Climate change has become the most pressing and impactful global sustainability issue in recent years. Therefore, we aim to address this issue by continuously implementing environmentally friendly measures and the "Green Lifestyle Program." We will work with stakeholders to implement "Environmental Sustainability 4G" to expand our green influence, accumulate green energy, and contribute to the sustainable management of Earth.

In 2022, we put our internal online environmental education courses on the Coretronic App, allowing employees to watch them with their families, which was well received. Additionally, we engage in environmental public welfare activities, respond to the requests of local government agencies, adopt public toilets and coastlines, and donate the benefits of the environmental activities, gradually expanding our green influence from the inside out.

Green Earth - International Day Activities

World Earth Day

  • Turning off Lights for One Hour: For three consecutive years, we declared the "Climate Emergency" initiated by the social enterprises, Greenvines, Taiwan Environmental Information Association (TEIA), and B Lab Taiwan. We organized the "Turning off Lights for One Hour" activity in support of World Earth Day, with 13,013 participants, including the Taiwan and China plants' employees and their families, 26 elementary schools, and 29 suppliers. Through these green actions, we are investing in our planet and making positive and sustainable changes. This activity saved approximately 1,700 kWh of electricity and reduced 1 tonCO2e.
  • Through the "Green Products Exchange" activity, we recycled waste batteries, CDs, iron cans, aluminum cans, PET bottles, aluminum foil packs, and donated receipts in exchange for eco-friendly products, putting sustainability into action in our offices. A total of 366 employees participated, exchanging 596 eco-friendly items and recycling 4,338 batteries. Additionally, we donated 175 invoices to the Tainan City Mangrove Protection Association.

World Food Day

October 16, 2022 was the 42nd anniversary of World Food Day. The China plants organized 2 food-saving activities to encourage employees to cherish food. We invited employees to sign the commitment and held a book exhibition to raise awareness. During lunchtime, we also organized a "Finish Your Food" activity to encourage people to only take what they could finish, reducing food waste. A total of 5,500 people participated in these activities.

World Car Free Day

In support of World Car Free Day, the China plants encourages employees to take public transit, bike, or walk to work instead of driving fuel cars to reduce the air pollution caused by cars. We wish to raise employee awareness about environmental protection by practicing sustainability. In 2022, we organized 7 of these activities, reducing the mileage of fuel vehicles by 7,847 km and reducing 1.85 tonCO2e.

Green Knowledge

Environmental Education Facilities Tour

  • Finding Leopard Cats in Sanyi: We invited employees and their family members to visit the Hoyenshan Ecology Museum in Sanyi to learn about the mountain ecosystem, geology, and ecological conservation. We offered them an opportunity to see the unique geological formation and biodiversity of Huoyanshan. There were 87 participants, with 261 person-hours of environmental education.
  • Taijiang National Park Tour: We invited employees and their families to learn about the Taijiang saltwater wetland, the importance of bird migration and wetland conservation, and ecological relationships. The goal was to raise awareness about the environment and our attitude towards it. There were 76 participants, with 228 person-hours of environmental education.

Themed Environmental Activities

  • Creative Pot Painting: We invited employees to paint discarded flower pots and plant regenerated plants from the factory. There were 19 participants, with 19 person-hours of environmental education.
  • Eco-friendly Cardboard Dinosaurs: Employees showcased their creativity by making dinosaurs from discarded cardboard boxes, putting recycling into action and creating beautiful works of art. There were 30 participants, with 90 person-hours of environmental education.
  • Eco-friendly Art Exhibition for Families: We invited employees and their families to the "Waste Sorting" art exhibition at the Kunshan Library. There were 21 participants, with 84 person-hours of environmental education.

Online Environmental Education Platform

  • Environmental Education Videos: Employees can watch environmental education videos with their families on the website or Coretronic's App. We have accumulated 1,403 person-hours of online environmental education.
  • Environmental Education Video Quiz: We organized a quiz with prizes to encourage employees to watch environmental education videos. We also awarded green points to employees in support of the government's green lifestyle policy. A total of 375 people participated.

Green Actions

"Rise Up" Stair Climbing Activity

  • We installed our self-developed counter on each floor to record the carbon footprint reduction by stair climbing. Since 2015, we have organized the "Rise Up" stair climbing activity to increase awareness about energy saving and carbon reduction within our company.
  • By improving machine stability, implementing friendly participation mechanisms, introducing fun competitions with rewards, and encouraging employees to climb the stairs in groups, we have demonstrated our commitment to internalizing green practices within our organization. Our President, Ms. Sarah Lin, even invited employees to climb the stairs with her, leading by example to promote this activity.
  • From 2015 to 2022, participants climbed over 190 million steps in this activity, equivalent to climbing 84,797 Taipei 101 buildings. This activity saved 2.71 GWh of electricity and reduced 1,406 tonCO2e, equivalent to 3.65 Daan Parks.

Annual Environmental Protection Events

  • Beach Clean-Up: Since 2017, we have adopted and maintained the Long Fong Fishing Port coastline. In 2022, we signed a contract to adopt the Long Fong Fishing Port coastline until 2025. We organized annual beach clean-ups at the Long Fong Fishing Port. Executives led employees to clean up 350 kg of marine debris. In the past 6 years, we have cleaned up 2 tons of marine debris.
  • Mountain and Water Cleaning: The China plants organized 3 mountain and water cleaning activities to protect the natural environment and preserve the ecosystem. There were 54 participants, cleaning 299 kg of garbage. Through these activities, we aim to raise employee awareness about environmental issues and promote environmental consciousness. Additionally, as part of river restoration efforts, Wujiang plants released 660 fish into Lake Tai, breathing new life into the lake.

Adopting Public Toilets

The Chunan Plant and Tainan Plant 1 have supported the government's toilet adoption program for 3 consecutive years. They have adopted 5 public toilets in the local area, providing better toilet facilities for the residents and reducing waste by providing water-soluble toilet paper. A total of NT$79,000 was invested in this initiative, benefiting 254,000 residents and reducing 1.9 tonCO2e of waste carbon emissions.

Sponsoring Straw-Decomposing Bacteria

Since 2021, we have joined the "Environmentally Friendly, Air Quality Improvement" action and provided straw-decomposing bacteria to farmers in Hsinchu County, allowing them to use straw-decomposing bacteria instead of burning straw, effectively improving air pollution. In 2022, we sponsored NT$470,000 in purchasing 2,000 bottles of straw-decomposing bacteria, which can be used in 200 hectares of rice fields, accounting for approximately 5% of the rice fields in Hsinchu County and reducing approximately 1,800 tonCO2e.