Issue Date:August 3, 2023

Love Follower

In an effort to promote and realize ESG, we established the “Firefly Volunteer Club” in 2011 but changed its name to “Firefly Volunteer Team” in 2015. In 2018, we instituted the “Management Regulations for Firefly Volunteer Team” to include paid volunteer leave during holidays, a volunteer reward system, annual volunteer assembly, annual volunteer day, and volunteer training courses. A total of 143 volunteers at Coretronic are categorized into different volunteer groups, namely “Charitable Volunteers,” “Environmental Protection Volunteers,” and “Product Volunteers,” which are in charge of charity, environmental protection, and product introduction and installation, respectively.

By December 31, 2022

DonatedNTD 3.58 million
5,319 personsgot benefits
421 volunteersjoined
914 hoursvolunteers services
143 volunteersjoined
62 NGOsgot benefits

Firefly Volunteer Team

The "Regulations of Firefly Volunteer Team" was officially stipulated in 2018, and there are three kinds of volunteers in this team, including Charity Volunteers, Green Volunteers, and Tech Volunteers to separately implement charitable activities, environmental protection projects, and product installation.

  • Paid Volunteer Leave: Employees who participate in the Company’s holiday volunteering activities are eligible to apply for an equal number of hours of volunteer leave, with no upper limit. In 2022, 675.5 hours of paid volunteer leave were given to the employees.
  • Annual Volunteers' Assembly:Outstanding volunteers were commended, annual achievements and future plans were shared, and volunteer experience as passed down at the conference.
  • Volunteer Training Courses: The Rainbow Gun Workshop was organized to enable 22 volunteers to take turns serving as instructors during future camps.
  • Service Award: Volunteers who have served more than 20 hours per year were awarded gift vouchers and certificates of merit. In 2022, 11 volunteers received this award.
  • Special Contribution Award: Between 2019 and 2021, volunteers who participated in the most volunteer activities or had the longest volunteer hours were awarded gift vouchers, certificates of merit, bonuses, and one public commendation. In 2022, one volunteer received this award.
  • Annual Volunteer Day:
    • 2019: Donate dumplings made by volunteers in person to Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation.
    • 2020: Cooperating with social enterprise "Give-Circle," we invited 112 employees to donate 50 boxes of the stuff they don't use anymore, such as 3C products, home appliance, stationery, books, clothes and toys to small and medium charities and underprivileged groups. 
    • 2021: Cooperating with social enterprise "Give-Circle" again, we invited 91 employees to donate 1,192 items they don't use anymore, helping 1,097 persons and reducing 1,032 kgCO2e.
    • 2022: Following our collaboration with social enterprise “GIVE CIRCLE” for the third consecutive year, we invited our employees to donate their old items at home to small and medium-sized social welfare organizations and vulnerable families, as well as engaged a couple of suppliers, namely Chia Teng Industrial Corp. and Sandbox Smart Technology Co., Ltd. to provide 52 used cardboard boxes in celebration of this meaningful event. This time, we added cosmetics to the collection list in conjunction with the “Meet Your Beautiful Self” charity makeup program hosted by the Work Development and Holistic Education Association to assist women, elders, and disabled friends who may not even own a complete set of cosmetics and skin care products in making themselves beautiful and confident through makeup. As this addition gained widespread support from our female employees, they proactively promoted this event and even raised funds to increase the popularity of this event.


Run for Love

Run for Love ( 2018-2019, 2022)
In order to continuously implement the sports practice into our corporate culture, as a sports enterprise, we have conducted “Run for Love” road running event since 2018, with 1,017 senior executives, employees, retired employees, and their family members participating in. We also invite various welfare and non-profit groups to set up booths for charity sale, provide massage services, and present dancing and singing performance. What's more, we donate all the registration fees collected from this event to the Huashan Social Welfare Foundation as our sponsorship for the "Reunion with Love" charity program.