Issue Date:August 04, 2020

Love Followers

In order to promote CSR in Coretronic, the CSR Committee formed the "Firefly Volunteer Team" in 2011, and expanded in 2015 . With lots of employees coming from different departments and professional fields, this team is able to execute various CSR projects and activities, so as to get familiar with the company they work for, and uplift their commitments to Coretronic. Besides, we hold “Run for Love” road running event, annual volunteers’ party and the volunteer day from 2018, inviting employees and their family members to participate in CSR activities together.

By January 31, 2020

DonatedNTD 1.71 million
779 personsgot benefits
13 NGOsgot benefits
885 participantsjoined
74 volunteersjoined
608 hoursvolunteers services

Annual Party, Volunteer Leave, and Volunteer Day

In order to encourage more employees to join the volunteer team and actively participate in the internal and external public welfare events as well as to protect the volunteers’ rights and interests, the "Regulations of Firefly Volunteer Team" was officially stipulated in 2018, and the holiday pay for volunteers and volunteer reward system are added. What’s more, we throw the annual volunteers’ party and the volunteer day to commend the excellent volunteers, share the activities behind-the-scenes and future plans with volunteers, and dontate dumplings made by volunteers in person to Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation.


Run for Love

In order to continuously implement the sports practice into our corporate culture, as a sports enterprise, we conducted “Run for Love” road running event from 2018, with 674 senior directors, employees and their family members participated in. We also invite various welfare and non-profit groups to join. All of the registration fees are donated to the Hua Shan Social Welfare for the sponsorship of yearly “Reunion with Love” underprivileged elderly people for their meal subsidies. Eventually, members of Firefly Volunteer Team deliver festive meal and warm clothes to lonely elders living in Jianshi and Beipu Township of Hsinchu County.