Issue Date:July 29, 2022

Love Follower

To promote and realize ESG, we established the “Firefly Volunteer Team” in 2011. In 2015, it was renamed “Light of Love from Fireflies Service Team”. In 2018, the “Management Regulations of Light of Love from Fireflies Service Team” were established to include the paid volunteerism leave on holidays, volunteerism reward system, annual volunteer conference, volunteer’s day, and volunteerism courses. In 2020, we furthered categorizes volunteers into “charity volunteers”, “environmental protection volunteers”, and “product volunteers” to carry out missions including public welfare, environmental protection, and product introduction and erection respectively.

By December 31, 2021

DonatedNTD 2.4 million
3,432 personsgot benefits
422 volunteersjoined
1,038 hoursvolunteers services
118 volunteersjoined
40 NGOsgot benefits

Firefly Volunteer Team

The "Regulations of Firefly Volunteer Team" was officially stipulated in 2018, and there are three kinds of volunteers in this team, including Charity Volunteers, Green Volunteers, and Tech Volunteers to separately implement charitable activities, environmental protection projects, and product installation.

  • Paid Volunteerism Leave: Employees participating in the holiday volunteerism activities organized by the Company are entitled to the unlimited volunteerism leave for equivalent hours volunteer service.
  • Annual Volunteers' Party:Outstanding volunteers were commended, annual achievements and future plans were shared, and volunteer experience as passed down at the conference.
  • Volunteer Courses: In order to enhance the ability and service quality of volunteers, we invited the winner of the "Coretronic Photography Contest”to share photography skills for volunteers to take photos with warmth in 2021.
  • Service Enthusiasm Award: Gift vouchers and certificates of appreciation were presented to volunteers offering volunteer service for over 20 hours in the year. In 2021, 14 volunteers received this award.
  • Special Contribution Award: Gift vouchers, certificates of appreciation, cash prizes, and one credit were presented to volunteers with the most service hours and participating in most volunteer services during 2018-2020. In 2021, one volunteer from R&D Department received this award.
  • Annual Volunteer Day:
    • 2019: Donate dumplings made by volunteers in person to Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation.
    • 2020: Cooperating with social enterprise "Give-Circle," we invited 112 employees to donate 50 boxes of the stuff they don't use anymore, such as 3C products, home appliance, stationery, books, clothes and toys to small and medium charities and underprivileged groups. 
    • 2021: Cooperating with social enterprise "Give-Circle" again, we invited 91 employees to donate 1,192 items they don't use anymore, helping 1,097 persons and reducing 1,032 kgCO2e.


Run for Love

Run for Love ( 2018-2019)
In order to continuously implement the sports practice into our corporate culture, as a sports enterprise, we conducted “Run for Love” road running event from 2018, with 674 senior directors, employees and their family members participated in. We also invite various welfare and non-profit groups to join.


Warm Delivery (2019-2021)

  • Since 2019, we sponsored the Hua Shan Social Welfare Foundation "Reunion with Love" underprivileged elderly people for their meal subsidies. Members of Firefly Volunteer Team has delivered Chinese New Year dishes and customized supplies to 100 lonely elders living in Jianshi, Beipu, and Hengshan Township of Hsinchu County before Chinese New Year.
  • In 2021, we found the needs of recipients through the periodic visit of Huashan Social Welfare Foundation and customized supplies for each senior, including articles for daily use, food for long storage, small appliances, food ingredients, warm-keeping items, and others. We also helped seniors to post the Spring Festival couplets and measure body temperature and blood pressure for each senior to get what they wanted for a warm Lunar New Year.