Issue Date:July 28, 2023

Elderly Smile

With Taiwan becoming an aged society, the demand for care for the elderly has increased. However, resources have not caught up with the demand and taking care of the vulnerable elderly has become an urgent societal problem to be resolved. To that end, Coretronic focused on the resource, dietary and health needs of the elderly to devise three key Elderly Smile initiatives, namely, Warm Delivery, Warm Telehealth, and Warm Restaurant, in an effort to work with various social enterprises and NPOs to resolve the issues of elderly living alone, bridge the healthcare gap for rural areas through technology, and provide a remedy to lack of human and resources of welfare institutions. The elderly would thus have physical and psychological warmth and fulfilment, maintain a good state of health, and achieve the beautiful vision of aging in place.

By December 31, 2022

DonatedNTD 2.61 million
42,615 personsgot benefits
444 volunteersjoined
3,297 hoursvoluntary service

Warm Delivery

  • Since 2019, we have sponsored the “Reunion with Love” program hosted by the Huashan Social Welfare Association for 5 consecutive years, and the Firefly Volunteer Team was tasked with delivering the Lunar New Year dishes and customized supplies kits to a total of 145 vulnerable seniors in Jianshi Township, Qionglin Township, Hengshan Township and Beipu Township, Hsinchu County before Lunar New Year.
  • Since 2021, we have been conducting regular visits through the Huashan Foundation to understand the needs of the elderly beneficiaries. Based on this, we prepare customized care packages for each senior, including daily necessities, durable food items, small appliances, cooking ingredients, and warm clothing, among other essentials. Moreover, the volunteers also helped seniors hang up Spring Couplets, measured their body temperature and blood pressure, kept track of their medication status, and provided haircut, so that each senior can receive substantial help and enjoy a warm Lunar New Year celebration.

Warm Telehealth

In an effort to increase the health care capacity for rural areas in Miaoli County and enhance the professional capabilities of nursing aides at culture and welfare stations, Coretronic, alongside the "Digital Humanitarian Association," provided customized online health courses and one-on-one or group medical consultation for seniors in remote Miaoli and conduct training programs for nursing aides in collaboration with various experts including doctors, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists, and physical therapies, in hopes of overcoming distance in reality with digital technology.

  • We exclusively sponsored health promotion and medical consultation services at six culture and welfare stations in Miaoli County (i.e., the Miaoli Mountaintown Culture and Welfare Station, the P’nux Tribal Culture and Welfare Station, the Siang Bi Community Culture and Welfare Station, the B’anux Tribal Culture and Welfare Station, the Saisiyat Tribal Culture and Welfare Station, and the Maronagrong Tribal Culture and Welfare Station). The nursing aides at each station will also guide and assist seniors in explaining their health and medical problems so that professional doctors can help them address their concerns.
  • We also sponsored public health promotion classes so that elderly welfare organizations in remote areas (e.g., Matsu, Taitung, Yilan, and Nantou) can raise health awareness among seniors through free online classes while our employees and family members can also have the flexibility to attend these health promotion classes to look after their health as well.

Warm Restaurant

In order to overcome the shortage of manpower and resources for meal delivery to solitary seniors in Miaoli County and expand the service capacity of meal delivery units, we collaborated with social enterprises “Silver Gate for Elders” and “Buy Nearby” to render stable meal delivery service for solitary seniors, guide meal delivery units through digital transformation, as well as purchase local white and brown rice and donate them to community elderly canteens in Hsinchu and Miaoli.

  • Meal delivery service: We recruited single mothers and job seekers on a part-time basis as meal delivery ambassadors to deliver meal boxes that meet the health needs of the elderly based on nutritionists’ assessment while showing care for the health and living conditions of the elderly and reporting them to the system for follow up in real time.
  • Online meal delivery management system: We have built an online meal delivery management system for Lushui Village, Hsinchu City to increase the efficiency of meal delivery and the number of seniors served. Efforts to build such a system for other locations is currently ongoing.
  • Rice donation. We donated white and brown rice to community elderly canteens in Hsinchu and Miaoli. This initiative has successfully boosted the social influence of these canteens as it allows them to run sustainably without interrupting the supply of meals to the elderly.