Issue Date:August 3, 2023

Dream Walker

In order to allow all departments of the Company to better understand the CSR strategies and rally the employees to actively participate in relevant events, starting in 2018, the「Dream Walkers」program was initiated in response to #4 "Quality education" and #10 “Reduce inequality within and among countries” of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and use the Company's core products and resources to encourage all departments to propose their CSR plans. There are three proposals, namely "Grab Your Bat", "Your Dream。Your Future" and "Earn Your Future".

By December 31, 2022

DonatedNTD 7.34 million
954 personsgot benefits
398 volunteersjoined
3,540 hoursvoluntary service

Grab Your Bat

Sponsor the Baseball Team of Chiayi County Shiou Lin Elementary School

Annual Sponsorship

We have been sponsoring the baseball teams of Shiou Lin Elementary School in Minxiong Township, Chiayi County each year since 2018. At the same time, we regularly post their outstanding performance and results on our company’s FB page and electronic bulletin board to increase our employees’ participation in these teams.


To encourage more employees to join CSR activities and strengthen the relationship with Shiou Lin Baseball Team, we have held the baseball competition for Coretronic Softball Team and Shiou Lin Baseball Team since 2018.

Corporation Visit

We invite the baseball team of Chiayi County Shiou Lin Elementary School to Coretronic's Hsinchu Headquarter for a high-tech journey and experience the "the world’s first Immersive Curved Touch System" that won the 2017 Innovation Product Award of Hsinchu Science and Technology Park, so that the children can enjoy the fun of jigsaw puzzle, painting, playing piano, and a variety of games on the mobile phones with their classmates. Also, children are able to experience the applications of the latest technology, such as the vertical projection, interactvie lilve-stream wall, and laser TV.

Baseball Camp

Being the partner of MINI Baseball Academy by WBSC and PCG BROS, we not only sponsored 6 Ultra-short-throw Laser Projectors for the interactive virtual baseball training games, but held one-day MINI Baseball camps with YYsports. In addition to inviting the Mini-Baseball Promotion Ambassador, Tai-shan Chang, and Kuan-yu Chen to interact with these little baseball players in learning baseball techniques, the Coretronic Softball Team members and their families had competitions with the baseball team of every elementary school, and donated three sets of mini-baseball gears to inspire kids’ interests to the baseball.

  • 2019:the Baseball Team of Chiayi County Shiou Lin Elementary School
  • 2020:the Baseball Team of Miaoli County Fu Chi Elementary School
  • 2021:the Baseball Team of Miaoli County Wen Shui Elementary School

Your Dream.Your Future

Career Experience Camp

In order to encourage school kids to discover and cultivate their interests and expertise early, Coretronic cooperated with Jenteh Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management to hold the "Your Dream.Your Future" career experience summer camp on July 3-5, 2019. We invited 42 students from Miaoli County Shih Tan Junior High School, Tsao Chiao Junior High School, San Wan Junior High School and Wen Ying Junior High School to Coretronic’s Chunan Office for the opening ceremony and a company tour, and the three-day and two-night career experience summer camp was carried out in Jenteh Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management. The summer camp activities include a variety of careers such as industrial industry, medical care, occupational safety and health, information technology, commercial and catering service, and we hope that the participated students can learn and explore their infinite limit through various learning methods such as experiential activities, team competitions and role playing, to think and plan for their future and make their dreams come true.


Earn Your Future


The  "Earn Your Future" Scholarship Program combining the spirit of the industrial and academic fields comes with the purpose of "pursuing equality in the future." Collaborating with Cheng Shiu University (CSU) from 2019,the vice president of Coretronic will select 2~3 outstanding juniors coming from a disadvantageous family to join this program from the annual audition. In this way, we hope to bring the Scholarship Program more positive meaning in terms of contribution to the society, encouragement of students, and cultivation of talents.

  • The First Year (for third-year students):NT$200,000 scholarship per student
  • The Second Year (for final-year student):One-year internship and NT$100,000 scholarship per student
  • One-year Internship:
    1. Each student is provided with free accommodation, higher pay than the minimum wage, and NT$100,000 scholarship.
    2. Students can learn about Coretronic’s products and design process at the Headquarters, as well as engineering and manufacturing processes at Tainan Plant 2.
    3. With regular visits from university faculty members, Coretronic can work with CSU to jointly design courses, so that what students have learned can better meet the needs of the industry, thus realizing the goal of "employment upon graduation."
  • Two fourth-year students stayed after the internship and became an official Coretronic engineers, achieving the program goal.